Care & Repairs

Product Aftercare


Please follow the wash and care instructions on the garment label.

Bags and Purses - General information

We recommend keeping your bag/wallet in the dust bag provided (where applicable) when you can, to protect the product from being marked.
Laminated items can be wiped using a damp cloth and some mild detergent, however this will not eliminate all stains that may occur.  Leather bags should be sprayed with a leather protector prior to its first use, and regularly thereafter.
To reduce damage to the interior of the bags, we suggest keeping items such as make-up and perfume in a cosmetic bag to limit spillages.
For long term storage of a bag, undo any buckles or fastenings in order to reduce the impressions created.
Use bubble wrap to stuff your bags when storing as this does not attract moths the same way tissue paper does.
Be careful when carrying pens in your handbag, especially with light colored bags.
Light colored items tend to be marked more easily, so take extra care with these products.

Laminated Canvas

This product has been made for you using the finest materials. Color transfer may occur if rubbed continuously. Please keep away from heat and damp. To care for your handbag, we recommend wiping with a soft, damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Please avoid permanent dyes, grease and abrasive substances. Please store the bag flat when not in use to avoid cracking in the lamination.


This product has been made for you from the highest quality jacquard fabric. Due to the nature of this material, please take care when wearing dark clothing as colour may be transferred, and when wearing jewelry to avoid snagging. Please always store your bag in the dust bag provided.

Straw & Raffia

This product has been made for you using the finest natural materials and any minor imperfections are due to the natural origins of the materials. Irregularities in the weave and color are normal. This material is extremely delicate so please handle with care and be careful when wearing jewelry to avoid snagging. It is advisable to keep away from damp and heat and store in a dust bag.

Patent Leather

This product has been made for you using the finest patent leather. Color changes or irregularities are natural features. Over time small creases may occur: this is a characteristic of the leather. Please keep away from heat and damp and store in a protective dust bag. Please avoid rubbing against fragile or lightly colored clothing or any other products made out of the same patent material as color transfer can occur. Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and marking: avoid placing the bag on rough or sharp surfaces. Should the product get wet, please wipe it with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature.


We recommend spraying your handbag with a protective leather spray. Your handbag is made of leather tanned in traditional methods in order to maintain its soft feel. Over time, the leather will acquire a patina and may also darken due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight. Please keep your bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup and permanent dyes can stain leathers. In the event your handbag gets soiled other than with permanent dyes, try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream.


Slight variations in color and texture are characteristics of all natural products. Orla Kiely ponyhair is made from high quality cow leather. Ponyhair is known to shed lightly and should be given extra consideration when worn due to its delicate nature. Color transfer may occur if rubbed continuously.

Repairs Policy

Orla Kiely offers a repair service for bags that develop a defect, or are subject to wear and tear through age. Not all bags can be repaired but the team will always assess each bag and advise what can be done.

We will accept and undertake repairs free of charge for faulty leather goods up to 12 months old and for laminated goods up to 6 months old (proof of purchase is required in most instances). If your bag needs repairing due to wear and tear or is outside the warranty then repairs will be charged for. We will provide a quotation for your approval before proceeding with any repair work.

To return your product for repair or replacement, you must complete the Repair Request Form (available on request from You will be asked to send through photos of the faulty product area in order for us to advise the best course of action. We strongly recommend sending your item on recorded delivery, as it remains the customer’s responsibility until reaching Orla Kiely.

Due to the high demand for our services, it may take between 6 – 12 weeks to assess your product and carry out refurbishment where possible. We will carry out any applicable repairs to the best of our ability; there may be some color or leather variation, depending on the style and age of the product.

When purchasing Orla Kiely products from stores other than our boutiques and, you will be subject to the individual store’s Terms of Sale. You must return all queries to the customer service department of the original place of purchase for your faulty item to be processed. We cannot process any replacement or refunds for faulty goods bought from other stores so please contact them directly.